Friday, January 31, 2020

Tides and Times Essay Example for Free

Tides and Times Essay Time is like an ocean bed with each passing tides brings something new, Tides and Times is an article about the history that affected our generation, people that continue to inspire for as long as we can remember. Fernandez mentioned historical people who shape and influence his life and how any person can make big changes no matter how small his/her accomplished. He state that any person can be part of history, can pass something down to the next generation and should never be ashamed of what we did. Fernandez was saying that change is part of nature and let change be part of our life just people we met change our lives how they affect us and to it to others. Do what you do best be proud of who you are no matter what people say not matter what the situation are. We are not like the people on the books, articles and in the past maybe we can never be like them but what really matter is what we can do in our times to show our spark. The article discuss Jose Rizal about how he was one in a million how he try to avoid revolution at any cost that he was able to fulfill his dreams despite his hardship even at the cost of his life. Even people who wanted to good but ended up failing, Alfred Nobel created the dynamite so that people would fear the power of other countries and stop fighting but only ending up creating more fight between the nations and was named as the merchant of death even after all that Alfred continue to do and search what he could do for mankind. People do great things that no other would do and we record those things in spite of that why? We continue to search for better and amazing things we do it because we are not condiment is because we want to not for us but for the world. Sometimes we do even know that people made a big change in our lives we need to know what did that person do and how did it affects us thousands of people come and go their all part of us.

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